Greenlight Building

Product Overview

Greenlight Building is a web based product developed by E-VIS for Councils to accept building applications from applicants as well as receive Sections 30, 73 and 80 from private building surveyors. Council’s Building Administration Officers, Municipal Building Surveyors, Building Inspectors are able to process applications online. As in all Greenlight modules, Greenlight Building is compatible with commonly used web browsers such as Microsoft IE6+, Safari, Chrome and Mozilla. Mobile and portable devices are often employed by Councils in the field to perform their tasks.

The workflow engine is designed to accommodate Council’s processes to manage all types of applications. For example, Application for Building Permit process would be configured differently to the process in Compliance Enforcement.

The design architecture in Greenlight Building means that it can easily be integrated to Council’s GIS, Property and Document Management System. Greenlight Building is implemented with E-VIS’ DocBureau (EDMS) as a default. Documents are uploaded by applicants, private building surveyors and Council staff. All letters generated by Greenlight are also uploaded into the DocBureau. These documents can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere. Public documents are available via the web portal and non public documents can only be accessed by Council staff. Inspection appointments can be made via the online calendar.


  • Applications are submitted via the internet – No more queues at the Council’s front counter
  • Make payments easy, with Greenlight OPM’s online payment gateway
  • Ensure that applicants are kept informed with automated progress updates
  • Private Building Surveyors are able to submit Sections 30, 73 and 80 online

Procedures managed by the workflow engine

 Applications for Building Permit

  • Building permits issued
  • Private Building Surveyor lodgement and issued permits
  • Compliance enforcements such as swimming pools, essential safety measures and damaged building
  • Building certificates
  • Applications for temporary structures approval
  • Applications for report & consent


All reports can be scheduled to run on specific date and time or ad-hoc. Reports are sent to recipients via email. Following are the standard reports included in Greenlight Building. Custom reports can be developed upon request.

  • Building Register
  • Notification Section 80
  • Building Permits Issued
  • Notification Occupancy Permit Issued
  • Applications Lodged
  • Footpath Inspection Report
  • Monthly Levy Report electronically sent to the Building Commission

Fee Payment

Fees are paid online via the online payment
gateway with amount due and paid automatically
identified by the system.