Greenlight Parking Permit

Product Overview

Many Councils issue parking permits for its residents. Greenlight Parking Permit (GPP) is specially designed for Council Regulatory Services to manage parking permits applications. It provides Council with an innovative and cost effective resource through which applications can be lodged, processed and approved online.

E-VIS has been in the business of providing web based hosted solution since 2000 and GPP is offered as a SaaS solution. However, if Council chooses, it can be installed on Council’s servers..

Major Features

Listed below are the major features of GPP:

  • Lodge applications, upload documents and make payments online
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to applications
  • Business processes configured into the Parking Permit Workflow Engine
  • Automatic letters and permits generation
  • All documents, including emails are stored in DocBureau (E-VIS EDMS) or can be integrated toCouncils EDRMS
  • GPP can be configured to automatically send out renewalreminder letters

Permit Types

Currently GPP caters for the following types of parking permits. However, GPP can be enhanced to include other permit types, such as Disabled Parking Permit and Boat Ramp Parking Permit.

  • Ticket Machine Parking Permit
  • Residents Parking Permit
  • Visitor Parking Permit

Lodgement using the External Interface

  • No more queues – applications are submitted via the internet
  • Make payments easy with GPPs online payment gateway
  • Upload additional documents as required by Council

Processing by Council using the Internal Interface

  • Notification of incoming applications
  • Application information is presented a single page view
  • GPPs powerful workflow engine enables Council to manage its business processes
  • Permit labels can be printed ad-hoc or batched for printing at the end of the day