Greenlight Planning E-VIS recognises that there are a number of key features beyond simply storing application information that a planning management system requires.

  • It needs to encapsulate the business processes that the application must follow.
  • It needs to keep the lines of communication open between Council, the applicants and referral authorities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • It needs to produce template letters and permits that respond to the status of the application to reduce the time planning management staff spends creating letters.
  • It needs to store all associated documentation in electronic format that makes them easily accessible.
  • It needs to allow applicants to lodge applications, and pay fees online.
  • It needs to allow external stakeholders to provide information on a real time basis.

Sunyani Applicant/External Interface

buy gabapentin overnight delivery The applicant/external interface is accessible via the Council’s web site and allows applicants to:

  • Lodge applications.
  • Provide more information where it has been requested.
  • Complete declarations as required.
  • Review the progress of their application generally.

clgen-casino-it Registration & Login of Applicant

Applicants register via the web browser user interface for secure access to licensing and registration system. Pre-defined mandatory fields set in accordance with business rules ensure the validity of an application.

  • User registration details are stored in an SQL database.
  • Login via the web browser user interface is secured by SSL encryption.

Application Lodgement

  • Application details are submitted via user interface using web browser forms.
  • Supporting documentation is submitted online and uploaded to the clients
  • existing document management system or via E-VIS’ document management system, DocBureau.

Fee Payment

  • Fees are paid online via the online
  • payment gateway with amount due and paid automatically identified by the system.

Application Tracking

  • Applicants can log in securely to view the status of their application at any time.

Internal Interface

GreenLight’s internal interface provides full access to the application for Council users.
All facets of an application can be modified.

Work Flow

The work flow in Greenlight is one of its most powerful features. Each different type of application follows a different process. The processes are all configurable, allowing each Council to determine the details of how they can most efficiently process applications.

The workflow can be defined by a series of states.
Each state has a series of transitions. Transitions do two things.

GreenLight’s internal interface provides full access to the application for Council users.
All facets of an application can be modified.

  • They change the state of the application to another state.
  • They define a series of actions that must take place when changing the state.

Actions are essentially letters and emails that are sent to the relevant stake holders notifying them that the state of the application has changed. The appropriate documentation is also sent to the applicant where applicable.

Data Management

The data management side of the application provides a simple view of the application, presenting all data in a structured format on one page. The state of the application determines what part of the page is presented when the user opens the application.


Greenlight has a series of standard reports that come with the system. New reports can easily be added. The reporting interface operates such that the user can request the report be generated and be sent to the relevant users. The report will be generated and sent via email to the designated users. Further to this reports can be scheduled to run regularly so that each week or month, status reports can be sent to the appropriate users.

Referral Agency Interface

The referral agency interface allows referral agencies to:
Provide feedback regarding an application. Review relevant documentation relevant to the application as determined by Council.