Greenlight Registers Manager

(Manage All Registers in One Place)

Product Overview

Greenlight Registers Manager (GRM) is an online application designed for Councils to manage property related registers and governance registers. Information is stored in a single repository for Council to access their registers from a single website.

Currently councils are facing some critical issues when managing registers:

  • Registers are kept on spreadsheet
  • Same type registers are created and maintained by different departments
  • Stakeholders are not alerted to lease due for renewals and section 173 enforcements

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To alleviate these issues, Greenlight Registers Manager has been built with the following features which will increase efficiency and security:

  • Manage all registers from one single website
  • Comprehensive search function to quickly find a register and its content
  • Upload and view related documents such as Leases, Contracts and Titles
  • Mail merge: generate letters from a pre-defined word letter template
  • Show all information from various registers related to one property address
  • Send email or SMS reminders to stakeholders on important events or dates
  • GRM is offered as a SaaS solution, 24/7 anytime anywhere

Greenlight Registers Manager centralises multiple registers creation and maintenance into one web portal. It improves data security, data sharing and is a more efficient and effective way of managing multiple registers.

Currently, GRM supports three registers: Lease, Managed Property and Section 173. Governance registers module is under development and will be released in the near future.

Lease Module

GRM Lease module manages the lease register for council owned or managed properties. It has the following major features:

  • Record details of a lease, such as property details, term of lease, lessor and lessee details, related document and file notes.
  • Greenlight Property Registers automatically calculates the value of the lease for the term taking into account the term of the lease such as length of the lease and the CPI adjustment.
  • Word documents can be merged with lease details from Greenlight Property Registers to generate letters and contracts.
  • Comprehensive search function to retrieved leases by property address, lessor/ lessee details and lease details.
  • System maintains a number register to automatically generate a unique number for each new lease.
  • Related documents are stored within the lease.
  • Reports are available on request, which will be generated from the Registers Database.

Managed Property Module

The Managed Property module manages Title Register for council owned or managed properties. It has the following major features:

  • Creates and maintains a Titles register and other relevant information on Council managed properties.
  • Creates and maintains a register of property that is managed but not owned by Council eg Committee of management land, Melbourne water etc.
  • One or multiple titles may be entered for a property.
  • Add and update file notes.
  • Upload/view documents. For documents that are accessed frequently, mark them as favorites for quick access.
  • Search for Council Managed Properties by specific fields.

Section 173 Module

This module manages the Section 173 Register for council owned or managed properties. It has the following major features:

  • Record all aspects of a section 173 agreement, including volume/folio, land description, property details, agreement commence and complete date, related documents and file notes.
  • Tasks in the Section 173 agreement can be created in Property Registers with due dates and description. Tasks are created into the task to be done. Some tasks are cyclic and as each task is completed a new one will be created automatically. All tasks are assigned to a responsible staff. Based on the system configuration, notification is sent to stakeholders to inform them of the due task.
  • Add file notes to a Section 173
  • Greenlight Property Registers has a comprehensive search function for users to retrieve a Section 173 by volume/folio, land description and property address, assigned officers.
  • Has a facility to upload documents and store within the Section 173.
  • GRM will automatically generate a unique number for every new Section 173