31 May 2021

Ararat Rural City Council : Building and Planning with Greenlight OPM

The Ararat Rural City Council has teamed up with the Greenlight Portal to provide Building, Planning, Swimming Pool and Spa Register and Health Module services to their customers.

Powered by Greenlight, the new online portal allows residents to interact with the Council easily and efficiently. Council’s residents can apply and manage their permits and registration applications from a single consolidated platform.

Greenlight planning and building modules allows applicants to apply for permits online and they can use the portal to make payments for statutory fees and other relevant processing fees. Applicants can track the real time progress of their applications, provide more data and upload documents through the portal as well. Using Greenlight applicant portal dramatically simplifies the user experience and saves both the applicant and the Council staff, time and effort to process the same.

By using Greenlight all stakeholders within the council get a single real time view of the activities within planning and building department. Council managers and executives have access to all the critical information via various reports and dashboards.

Swimming pool and spa register by Greenlight provides for the online registration of pool and/or spa within the Shire. Residents can register their pool and/or spa within few minutes via the simple an intuitive online wizard process. Residents can monitor and track the progress of their registrations, while liaising with Council staff via Greenlight applicant portal.

Greenlight support and implementation teams have worked very closely with the Council’s team to deliver a comprehensive customer focused solution.

Both Ararat Rural City Council and E-VIS PTD LTD, look forward to working together to bring exceptional service to the Council’s residents as well as Council staff.


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