01 July 2021

Bellingen goes live with Greenlight OPM

Bellingen Shire Council has transitioned to a new online development approvals system called ‘Greenlight OPM’. 

Greenlight OPM has delivered some huge efficiencies for all staff in terms of dramatically simplifying the user experience and saves staff time and effort in processing applications 

The NSW Government has mandated that from 1 July 2021, all planning applications including Development Applications (DA’s), Construction Certificates (CC’s) and Complying Development Certificates (CDC’s) will need to be electronically lodged online via the NSW Government Planning Portal. 

Greenlight seamlessly integrates with the DOP portal. Customers lodge applications anytime using the DOP online portal, these applications are automatically pushed over to Greenlight OPM. 

The introduction of Greenlight allows the Council to leverage advantages such as capturing, receiving and actioning development approvals and building related activities at a single point.  

Greenlight Portal considerably simplifies user experience, streamlining the processing system within Council, permitting the Customer Service groups to provide a more effective and ideal support to the residents. 

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