18 July 2022

Buloke Shire Council joins the E-VIS family!!

Buloke Shire Council has been committed to providing up to date professional planning and building services, for residents, businesses, and its community. In their crusade to improve the services with innovative software solutions, Buloke Shire Council has recently signed up to partner with Greenlight OPM

Integration with Greenlight will allow the council to leverage advantages such as capturing, receiving and actioning planning permits and building related activities at a single point. Along with online application lodgments, the users can make quick and easy online payments as well. This system upgrade and process improvements will benefit both, Shire employees and the community.

Greenlight OPM portal will enable the Council to manage and streamline internal processes in a complete digital manner. By using Greenlight, all stakeholders within the council will get a single real time view of the activities within planning and building department. Council managers and executives will have access to all the critical information via various reports and dashboards. Planners will then be able to communicate efficiently with both internal and external referral agencies. 

This newly formed alliance between Buloke Shire Council and EVIS PTY LTD will enable the Council to significantly improve their productivity and deliver effective solutions to the community.

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