24 December 2021

E-VIS celebrates the end of Year 2021 & awaits the opportunities of 2022

As we roll towards wrapping up 2021, taking a quick rewind on our achievements of the past year and setting targets for what we hope will be a promising new year.

The past year, although it started out as a tough one for most of us, E-Vis saw a steady growth with new clients joining us on our journey and our existing clients reaffirmed their partnerships with us. Above all, the winning feather in the cap was when the Victorian DELWP report was published. 

According to the Report, EVIS ranks amongst the TOP 5 as the most used Council Planning App and Greenlight OPM comes at the top for ‘Satisfaction Rate’ among all our competitors.  

2021 saw new product launches i.e., InspectAssist and the Greenlight Health Module. Both of which have garnered massive interest and popularity among our customers. With the success of these products we're excited to share that next year we have many more in store to release, some of them namely DesignAssist, EngineerAssist and TownPlanner. 

Toting to achievements was our Product Manager, Nik Alave who participated in the iNNOVATE conference held in October 2021 by IT Vision highlighting the topic of Digital Evolution. He gave the Greenlight Health Demo for the local government. The key points emphasized in the demo were the significant gains in terms of response time and the final delivery time that Greenlight supplies as well as the complete detangling of the complicated manual process.  

Growing through another year of the Pandemic was another challenge that we overcame very well. Through all the advertising, recruiting, onboarding and training, our team grew stronger and the new team members brought a new level of dynamics to the table which helped the business to thrive. 

As we wind up yet another challenging yet productive year, we hope for a better, faster and a healthier tomorrow with the support of old and new!! 

Wishing everyone a very Healthy & Happy New Year!!

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