22 December 2020

Funding available for fast tracked development assessments

Under a recent NSW State Government initiative, Councils that fast-track development assessments and rezoning for housing projects will be eligible for up to $5.5million in funding for parklands and public spaces. 

The $250million incentive scheme announced last week provides additional funding to local governments for public space development projects. The funds are to be used by local government for planning, design, construction and land acquisition costs for new and existing public space.

Working with strategic partner E-VIS, IT Vision assists local governments across the country with the digitization of their development application process utilizing the Greenlight platform. 

E-VIS is an experienced 20 year old Australian IT company that specializes in planning, building, and permit management solutions. IT Vision joined forces with E-VIS in 2019 to distribute Greenlight - an innovative product that manages the entire local government town planning and building application process through one fully web-enabled system. 

Greenlight, a Cloud based service, provides online access for Council employees, applicants, residents and referral authorities, to do all planning and building related activities at a single point. 

E-VIS Managing Director, Adrian Chau said the Greenlight platform helps fast-track the planning and building application process. 

One of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that many Council staff are working remotely from home. Greenlight is an efficient and effective online service that allows Council staff to process building and planning applications, and for the public to access information and documents from anywhere” said Mr Chau.    

Greenlight features sophisticated workflows, automated correspondence and built-in document management which saves Councils significant administration time." 

The platform automates many daily routines tasks such as reminders, expiry or renewal letters and can seamlessly integrate with Council’s other systems like GIS, Finance, Property, Rates and Document Management Systems.” 

IT Vision Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Lutton said the funding announcement from the NSW Government has prompted local governments to review their current building and planning processes and identify areas for improvement. 

The NSW State Government is offering an enticing incentive for Councils to streamline their development processes. The Greenlight platform digitises the approval process, removing the need for manual processing,” said Mr Lutton. 

By moving to an online, collaborative platform such as Greenlight, local governments can fast-track their development approvals process and leverage this significant funding opportunity. 

Different levels of funding are available depending on the type of council, with metropolitan councils with open space shortfalls standing to benefit the most. The funding will become available in instalments from 2021. 

To learn more about the Greenlight platform and how it relates to the NSW Government funding announcement, contact sales@itvision.com.au or info@e-vis.com.au

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