27 April 2021

Gannawarra Shire Council extends Swimming Pool Registration deadline!

Gannawarra Shire Council has been very proactive and has incorporated the Greenlight portal to provide the said services to the residents. Residents who have private pools and spas on their property now have until 1 November 2020 to register these facilities with Gannawarra Shire Council.  

Greenlights' spa and registration module has greatly benefitted Gannawarra Shire Council staff by improving their efficiency in registering large number of swimming pools and spas.

Greenlight OPM has empowered Gannawarra Shire staff by:

  1.      Out of box preconfigured workflow
  2.      VBA compliant forms and templates
  3.      Ability to request payments
  4.      Ability to carry out inspections

The swimming pool and spa module by Greenlight provides for the online registration of pool or spa within the shire, upload supporting documentation and make payment of registration fees as well. The online registration of pool or spa within the shire generally take about 3 weeks to process. Residents can monitor and track the progress of their registrations, while liaising with Council staff via Greenlight applicant portal. Applicants can provide additional information and upload documents as well.

Thus, Greenlight OPM portal dramatically simplifies the user experience and saves the Council staff, time and effort in processing applications.

As Greenlight permits the Council to choose their own data management and storage options, it makes it simple for the Council to offer the best services to their clients and simultaneously accept feedback to keep updating and improving the framework.

This alliance between Gannawarra Shire Council and EVIS PTY LTD has enabled the Council to significantly improve their productivity and deliver strong customer focused service.

Steps to register

To complete an application to register your pool or spa, please enter required information to the Greenlight portal. The required evidence documents can be attached within the portal.

Payment options are outlined in Greenlight and are shown on the application.


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