10 March 2021

Golden Plain Shire has incorporated new online building portal

Hereon, interacting with Council’s Building department will now be easier thanks to a new online building portal.

Powered by Greenlight, the new Permit Manager portal will allow residents and builders to do all buildingrelated submissions at the one time. Customers now only need to register once to be able to lodge, submit and pay all through the portal.

In December 2019, the Council had begun its trials to implement the new system following new pool and spa regulations brought in by the Victorian Government. Following the success of the new system, it has now been expanded to include:

  1. Notifications of appointment
  2. Building permits from private building surveyors, with all relevant documentation and payments
  3. Certificates of Final Inspection
  4. Occupancy permits
  5. Amendments to building permits and relevant documentation
  6. Property information requests and payments
  7. Report and consent applications and payments

Previously, residents and builders needed to lodge building permits and forms with Council either in person, through the mail or by email. If payment was required, they would often also need to contact Council’s Customer Service team as well.

Golden Plains Shire Mayor Cr Owen Sharkey says the new building permit portal will result in an improved system for both users and Council staff.

The new Permit Manager portal is an absolute game changer, allowing residents to submit all building related permits, documentation and forms in the one space.”

Not only does the portal dramatically simplify user experience, it is streamlining the processing system within Council, allowing our Building and Customer Service teams to deliver a more efficient and timely service to the community.”

Due to their technical nature, building permit and registration processes can be confusing to residents, so I’m really pleased Council has been able to deliver a one-stop-shop to make navigating the process easier.”

With COVID-19 changing the way residents go about their business, including interacting with Council, it’s never been more important for Council to improve online accessibility to its services, and this new portal is a great step in that direction.


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