01 April 2021

Hobsons Bay City Council renews its alliance with Greenlight

Hobsons Bay City Council formed a strategic partnership with E-VIS to connect with their customers in a whole new way in 2004 with the first version of Greenlight OPM platform. In 2021, Hobsons Bay has renewed its partnership with E-VIS by adopting the latest Greenlight OPM Version 4. 

With Greenlight OPM, applicants will benefit from a standalone, easy to use, intuitive customer portal which will improve productivity and efficiency. There is a distinct trend and demand at the moment for the provision of enhanced customer engagement and experience capabilities and Greenlight OPM fulfils every expectation at every step of the way. 

Powered by Greenlight, the new Permit Manager platform allows applicants, residents, and builders to do all planning and building related activities at a single point. Applicants can make use of the applicant portal to make payments for statutory fees and other relevant processing fees. They can track the real time progress of their applications, provide more information and upload documents. 

Greenlight Portal dramatically simplifies user experience, streamlining the processing system within Council, permitting the Customer Service groups to convey a more effective and ideal support to the residents. 

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