11 May 2021

Horshams' collaboration with Greenlight OPM 

Horsham Rural City Council has collaborated with Greenlight OPM to help their customers register and apply for permits. Greenlight Building is a web based product developed by E-VIS for Councils to accept building applications from applicants. It allows applicants to monitor and track the progress of their registrations, while liaising with Council staff as well.

Powered by Greenlight, the new Permit Manager platform allows applicants, residents, and builders to do all planning and building related activities at a single point. Greenlight planning module allows applicants to apply for permits online. Applicants can make use of the applicant portal to make payments for statutory fees and other relevant processing fees. Applicants can track the real time progress of their applications, provide more information and upload documents.

Council’s operations are large and complex, road maintenance and construction, parks, building and planning, and this diversity in services creates challenges in the many facets of Council’s operations. By teaming up with Greenlight, many of the above challenges are dealt in the most efficient way and some are dispensed with even before they become a challenge!

Greenlight OPM has empowered Horsham Rural City Council staff with:

  1. Out of box preconfigured workflow
  2. VBA compliant forms and templates
  3. Ability to carry out inspections
  4. Custom reporting etc.

The collaboration between the Horsham Rural City Council and E-VIS PTY LTD has enabled the Council to significantly improve their efficiency and deliver strong customer focused service. Greenlight Portal dramatically simplifies user experience, streamlining the processing system within Council, permitting the Customer Service groups to convey a more effective and ideal support to the residents.


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