15 March 2021

Pyrenees Shire Council has recently transitioned to Greenlight

Pyrenees Shire Council has transitioned to a new online planning approvals system called ‘Greenlight OPM’.

The Pyrenees Shire Council is the Responsible Authority under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 for the administration and enforcement of the Pyrenees Planning Scheme. The Pyrenees Shire Council has inculcated the Greenlight Portal to provide Building, Planning and Swimming Pool and Spa registration services to their customers. Powered by Greenlight, the new Permit Manager platform allows applicants, residents, and builders to do all planning and building related activities at a single point. Greenlight planning module allows applicants to apply for permits online. Applicants can make use of the applicant portal to make payments for statutory fees and other relevant processing fees. Applicants can track the real time progress of their applications, provide more information and upload documents.

Greenlight OPM portal dramatically simplifies the user experience and saves the Council staff time and effort in processing applications. By using Greenlight all stakeholders within the council get a single real time view of the activities within planning and building department. Council managers and executives have access to all the critical information via various reports and dashboards.

The Greenlight planning module allows council staff to process applications. Planning module provides critical alerts and workflow activities to ensure planning team can work within the statutory clock. Planners can then communicate efficiently with both internal and external referral agencies.

The swimming pool and spa module by Greenlight provides for the online registration of pool or spa within the shire. Residents can upload supporting documentation and make payment of registration fees as well. Residents can monitor and track the progress of their registrations, while liaising with Council staff via Greenlight applicant portal.

Greenlight OPM team and Pyrenees Shire’s building team have partnered to deliver the Pyrenees Shire residents most easy and efficient way to interact with the Council. Building team is now empowered to carry out all building related activities such as report and consents, property information requests, building enforcements via the Greenlight building module.

This newly formed alliance between Pyrenees Shire Council and EVIS PTY LTD will enable the Council to significantly improve their productivity and deliver strong customer focused service.


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