30 April 2021

Swan Hill Rural City Council uses Greenlight OPM to save time and go Green!

Swan Hill Rural City Council Building Department uses Greenlight OPM to register and apply for permits. Powered by Greenlight, the new portal will allow residents and developers to do all building related submissions at a single point. Clients now only need to register once to have the option to tender, submit and pay all through the portal.

Most types of building work need a building permit. This can include, but not limited to:

  1. Construction of new dwellings
  2. Additions and renovations to dwellings
  3. Multi-unit residential developments
  4. Swimming pools

Greenlight Permit Manager allows you to submit and pay for your applications online, receive correspondence by email and monitor the status of your applications. Greenlight provide our clients with high quality and timely service with a strong emphasis on not just meeting but exceeding client expectations. Each of the applications is designed specifically to cater to all customer requirements with minimal effort and delivering swift and fast tracked results.

The work flow in Greenlight OPM has been one of its most remarkable features. Each different type of application follows a different process. The processes are all configurable, allowing the Council to determine the details of how they can most efficiently process applications. It improves data security, data sharing and is a more efficient and effective way of managing multiple registers. The Greenlight planning module allows council staff to process applications. Planning module provides critical alerts and workflow activities to ensure planning team can work within the statutory clock. Planners can then communicate efficiently with both internal and external referral agencies, improving the overall outcome.

The long association between the Swan Hill Rural City Council and EVIS PTY LTD has enabled the Council to significantly improve their capability and deliver solid customer centered service.


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