29 March 2021

Swan Hill Rural City Council : Swimming pool and spa registrations

On 1 December 2019, the State Government introduced laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety. Swan Hill Rural City Council has tied up with the Greenlight OPM portal, which provides a total online software solution to the Council for registration of pool and spas.

Greenlight OPM assists in the uploading of supporting documentation and the payment of registration fees. It also lets applicants monitor and track the status of their registrations, while liaising with Council staff.

As Greenlight permits the Council to choose their own data management and storage options, it makes it simple for the Council to offer the best services to their clients and simultaneously accept feedback to keep updating and improving the framework. To complete an application to register your pool or spa, citizens need to enter required information on the Greenlight portal. The required evidence documents can be attached within the portal.

Greenlight OPM portal dramatically simplifies the user experience and saves the Council staff time and effort in processing applications. By using Greenlight all stakeholders within the council get a single real time view of the activities within the department. Council managers and executives have access to all the critical information via various reports and dashboards. The work flow in Greenlight OPM has been one of its most remarkable features. Each type of application is unique and follows a different process. Yet, all these processes are configurable, allowing the Council to determine the details of how they can most efficiently process applications. Greenlight OPM improves data security, data sharing and is a more efficient and effective way of managing multiple registers. 

This newly formed partnership between the Swan Hill Rural City Council and EVIS PTY LTD has enabled the Council to significantly improve their capability and deliver solid customer centered service


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