15 January 2021

Westside Services

West Side Building Surveying offers a range of building surveying services, including building permits, inspections as well as expert building surveying advice by collaborating with PermAssist, an online software solution for building surveyors/certifiers to manage the building certification.

PermAssist helps serve clients with exceptional diligence and it has empowered Westside surveying services by including :

  1. Pre-application assessments and Regulatory compliance assessments
  2. Assistance with resolving council building enforcements
  3. Preparation and lodgment of a variety of authority consents
  4. Arrange Fire Engineering Assessments
  5. Batch Stamping

PermAssist has also implemented complaints handling as per the Code of Conduct requirements by VBA for Victorian Building Surveyors. Westside anticipates that the use of PermAssist will provide for faster approval times and an improved customer experience. Especially since PermAssist lessens the time spent on administrative and follow up work, which in turn helps the Surveyors spend quality time on the field completing the Inspection and updating the results of the same on priority.

The Flexible Payment Model makes it all the more attractive, since you end up paying for the service you have used and not the entire package.

PermAssists' aim is to achieve our clients desired outcomes via innovative solutions and efficient reviews.

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